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This can be very off-putting, but if you are careful and respectful of the area, you can still reap the rewards that the annual 1 star can bring to the west in You can hang Dragon bell or place some water colours in the way of bedding, pillows, lampshades, rugs etc. You should avoid fire colours in the west this year as this will drain the energy of the annual 1 star.

The west is not a good area for candles in If using furniture and decorations in the west this year to enhance the 1 star, you should place furniture with waves and ripples as this is a great water cure. With it can come illness to those living in the home if they do not take actions to weaken it and defend against it. The very traditional means to weakening the effect of this star is to use 6 I-Ching Chinese metal coins and hang them in a row.

They should be placed between the 4th February to 3rd February in the northeast part of the home. It is important these are coins that are from a decent dynasty as that impacts on how effective the cure will be. Unfortunately, you will find a lot of stores selling cheap options and when things are not sourced properly these cheap cures can cause more problems than actually help. In you should also place in the northeast a salt water cure. This flying star indicates health problem, especially for the elderly women or pregnant woman.

Meanwhile, you will attract many evil people around you. Take care of the digestive system too. In , we have the 2 star enter the northeast of every home or office for the year which makes this area very unpredictable without the necessary cures and enhancers. By weakening the annual 2 in the northeast, we can greatly weaken the chance of issues relating to wealth, illness, disease, stress, backstabbing and overall bad luck making this a vital area of the home or office to treat during the year of the Pig.

The 2 is one of the worst stars in period 8 and should not be left untreated; this can cause a whole range of problems to the occupants of the home or office when activated with noise and energy or if you have the wrong elements and colours in place for the year so please take my advice on the northeast for If you have a bedroom, office, lounge or other room that is used frequently and you are not able to avoid this area, please read the advice below carefully.

The best solution would be for the northeast to fall into a bathroom, spare room or storage space as these rooms are not used as often as a living room, bedroom or kitchen and are a lot less likely to be activated. Michael and Jo have their front door located in the northeast and in , they will need to be extremely careful when using this door as slamming could activate the 2 star and cause a lot of problems. I have purchased a rubber wall mount to stop the door handle smashing against the wall and will be looking into soft close hinges for them. If your front door, bedroom, office, lounge or other well-used room is located in the northeast, this will inevitably activate its malicious effects, so read on….

The 2 star will affect the health of those under its influence and can bring problems relating to wealth, illness, disease, stress, backstabbing and overall bad luck so please take this advice seriously and do not leave the northeast untreated and see what happens this year. This is especially so for people who are a Gua 1, 3, 4 or 9. You should avoid pointy or sharp shapes as this can be counterproductive. Another powerful cure for the northeast year is a statue of Tsai Shen Yeh in a gold colour. The God of wealth statue is very good at weakening the bad earth and also protects wealth for , making this a very powerful cure.

Avoid having any red coloured decorations in the northeast and avoid burning candles here as this will aggravate the influences of the 2 and cause problems. If you had a red sofa in the northeast, for example, I would cover it with a white throw. Do not panic if you already have fire colours in the northeast; you can negate this by introducing metal colours such as white, silver, gold, bronze or copper in the way of pillows, throws etc.

The 2 flying into the northeast for will affect the youngest male or any male in the home for that matter so all males should be careful if they spend time in the northeast in and make sure they have the appropriate cures and enhancers in place. If you are unable to avoid this, please make sure that you have the necessary cures in place along with metal colours. If you have our software, check the Min Gua section to find your best sleeping direction.

Because the northeast is associated with the youngest son of the home the youngest male member of the home or business can be affected so make sure if he sleeps, works or spends a lot of time here all cures are placed. Be very careful in March as the northeast is at its worst then. Do not decorate your room in with any fire colours this year such as reds, oranges, purples, burgundy, lilac or pinks as this will aggravate the 2 star.

You should also avoid burning candles this year. Avoidance of this area is the best cure although I know this is hard to try and follow the advice and try and keep it as quiet as possible. Now having given you all this bad news, I will now give some hope for those who are Gua 2, 6, 7 or 8 as while this combination, on the whole, is very bad, it can be good for them in wealth and career, you would still be wise to place the recommended cures as detailed here but the effects of the 2 black will not be bad for you and can even give you positive results.

I would avoid activating this area with loud noises at all costs. Keep this area quiet and avoid building work or refurbishment if possible although it is not too bad. Do not use any fire element in the northeast this year or colours red, pink or purple. Keep doors closed. Place a Wu Lou, salt water cure, gold Toad, wealth ingot and six coins here along with metal ornaments.

Use colours white, silver, gold or copper. Chen 3 Jade, the sound of Protracted Wind 3 Jade is making a lot of noise in the South place in and this is not a nice combination at all. The wood element Star 3 also known as the Quarrelsome Star comes into the south sector in , the fire element. This brings negative energies with more chances of misunderstandings, arguments, and rumors causing disputes. The fire element does have some control over the wood element but there is still going to be emotional instability.

You can overcome the star with anything that symbolizes fire, crystals that are red, fire symbols and spring festival couplets too. Star 3 Wood Element that represent quarrelsome energy flies to the South Fire Element sector in The negative energy tend to create disputes or misunderstanding caused by rumours, unstable emotion.

Even though the energy of the star is being controlled Fire control Wood , you should also avoid putting object of wood element or moving objects. Main door at the South : You tend to have irritable temper, easily to have conflict with other people. Bathroom at the South : You will be highly affected by gossip and rumours, so close the toilet door whenever it is not used. Kitchen at the South : Less affected by gossip but it will positively impact your academic success.

In , we have the annual 3 fly into the south making this a not so nice area for the year. Those who spend time in the south during should be aware that they could be at risk from possible thefts, wealth loss, arguments, disputes, legal issues and hot tempers; this is especially the case if you have a bedroom or office in the south or if you are the middle daughter of the home or any female for that matter. Please do not panic if you spend a lot of time in the south as this area can be treated with the relevant cures and enhancers for to avoid issues that the 3 star can bring.

To remedy the effects of the annual 3 star flying into the south in , I would recommend introducing red; fire coloured objects into this area for the year such as a red floor mat or sofa throw. You can also introduce candles, lamps and lights into this area for the year to weaken the bad wood star.

Please avoid having metal in the south in metal colour is OK to control this energy for you will aggravate it, restricting the beneficial influence brought by auspicious monthly stars in certain months and magnify its negative influence. Unless you have a good understanding of your fixed flying stars or have had a Feng Shui practitioner advise you to do so, I would not recommend placing a water feature in the south of your home or office in To add water where the 3 star is located can bring arguments, wealth issues, divorce and legal problems into your life; unless you take your land formations, period, mountain and water stars into account, please be very careful.

You may have read in some books or on websites where they say that the 3 wood star can be a good one in period 8 but in my opinion, it is an extremely unpredictable star, and you should not try to activate it unless you know what you are doing with regards to the flying stars or the Academy of Feng Shui software has advised you to do so. When dealing with paperwork and documents during , please make sure you take great care and check through everything thoroughly before agreeing to any terms or conditions.

The energy that the annual 3 star brings to the south can bring arguments, disagreements and even lawsuits. Please remember to take care as a lack of attention could end in a loss of time, energy and resources. I would also recommend hanging a ba gua wealth protection mirror above your front door in the south for for added protection. In , we have the visiting negative earth being activated by the inherent fire energy, and without cures and enhancers, the 3 star will cause havoc. Flying star 4 will influence the north sections of your home and work and since the Peach Blossom star is an auspicious one, this is a good thing.

It is especially good for education, learning and study so do any of that in the north of your home. It would make sense to have your Study positioned in the north. It is also a star for literature and the arts. If you have a job in education or are studying, have children at school or college, or have an artistic job they can especially enjoy the positive energy it brings. People born under the sign of the Horse or those with Kua number 9 also get special effects from it.

The scholastic and peach blossom star 4 Wood Element flies to the North sector Water Element in It has positive effect for those who are pursuing academic success or those in administrative position. Avoid anything red that can decrease the positive energy. Main Door at the North : It benefits career and academic development, especially for those in the administrative position.

Bedroom at the North : It is advantageous for travel and has a chance of increasing your fame and reputation. Bathroom at the North : Unstable emotional state of mind that is unfavourable for academic advancement and achievement. In , we have the Sun 4 wood star fly into the north palace of every home and office around the world.

The 4 is a conditional star, and in period 8 — , it is an auspicious star. This star governs relationships, romance, career, travel, creativity, academic and artistic talents, wisdom and intelligence as well as self-development, making this a very powerful star. As we have the wood energy from the annual 4 star being fed by the inherent energy of the 1 water star, we can expect good things when the north is activated correctly in You should be aware that although the annual 4 star is a very auspicious and powerful star if you were to leave the north untreated without cures and enhancers during , you would be attracting both wanted and unwanted romantic opportunities to the occupants of the home or office so please be aware of this.

Having the main door in the north of your home or office during with the annual cures in place can bring in new opportunities and lots of chances to travel this year. Avoid using any fire or metal colours in the north this year; these colours are white, silver, gold, chrome, bronze, red, orange, burgundy, purple, lilac and pink.

Introducing fire or metal colours in the north will destroy the auspicious influence of the annual 4 star so please be careful when decorating the north this year. If you want to work with colours this year, I would introduce some watercolours into the north such as shades of blue, black and grey.

You can introduce watercolours by placing rugs, cushions, bed sheets, pillows etc. When working with an annual star, every auspicious star also has an inauspicious aspect to its nature when the star is joined by an inauspicious monthly visiting star. These months can bring betrayal, heartbreak, scandals and humiliation so; please remember to check back for our monthly flying star analysis. You should treat the north as your relationship and creativity area for as it can be very good for the occupants of a home and office. If the north of your building falls into an important room such as an office, bedroom or lounge, I would recommend keeping this area as clean and clear of clutter as you can; this will make a big difference.

If your main door falls in to the north, make sure that the area around the door is kept clean and clear of shoes both inside and out during ; investing in a shoe box can prove very beneficial during the year of the Pig and every year after for that matter a dirty shoes can block fresh Qi from entering a home or business. If you have your bedroom in the north, you can look forward to good relationships in if the north has been activated with the correct cures. This lovely influence can also increase the chances of producing intelligent children conceived and born during the year of the Pig.

If you are looking to conceive a child during , I would recommend placing peanuts in shells monkey nuts or groundnuts or any seed products such as black or red melon seeds Gua Zi. When placing them, they can be placed anywhere in the bedroom although I would keep them close to the bedside table. A good alternative if you do not want to display real nuts or if you have an allergy would be to a pair of mandarin ducks beside your bed.

Place some good water colours in the north of your home or office this year, you should reap the rewards from this area; this is especially so if you are looking to enhance relationships and creativity this year. The north is a great area for writers, artists, students and anyone with interest in travel, crystals or health industry during the year of the Pig.

You should avoid fire colours such as red, pink and purple and please try to avoid lighting candles in the north as this will weaken the good influence. Keep area semi-active with windows occasionally open. You should try to avoid using metal items here especially wind chimes. You should try to spend time in the north this year if you want to enhance romance, creativity or academic pursuits. The 5 Misfortune Star is not one people welcome, understandably as in it enters the Southwest and brings with it suffering and upset.

Especially to people with bedrooms or main rooms that are placed in the southwest of the home. The negative energies can cause things like accidents, breakups, loss of money and serious or even terminal illness. It will be important to deal with the energies before they move on to other areas. Do it quickly though as the bad energy from star 5 can have fast and serious consequences. Ideally before February the 4th. If the home is positioned so that it is facing southwest put a cure in front of it.

It is best to avoid doing any renovations or digging in the southwest for the year. It could aggravate the star and cause even worse bad luck. In , one of the most unfavourable flying stars — misfortune star 5 Earth Element has flied to the SouthWest sector Earth Element of the house. It brings along accidents, disaster, bad luck or negative energy. Take more caution of food hygiene to avoid any food poisoning. This area will need some good quality metal cures to weaken this combination and should be kept quiet as much as possible as this area can be activated with human activity.

Although this is a very afflicted area in , please do not feel that there is no hope; with Feng Shui, there is always a solution to a problem, and if you place the relevant cures and keep the area calm and settled, you can avoid activating this area in and avoid any problems. If the southwest of your home or office falls into a bedroom, living room or office, you would follow most of the same steps such as the cures, colours and noise level.

If you have the main door located here for , please make sure it is not slammed shut or open. The thing to remember with the flying stars is that if this area is treated correctly and is kept calm, it will not necessarily be activated so, please try not to worry too much. You can always turn bad in to good when you have the right attitude and while the southwest is extremely afflicted in , you can still do a lot to weaken the malevolent influences that are present this year.

My general rule of thumb for small jobs such as hammering a nail to hang a picture or drill a hole is to minimise as much noise as you can; if you can use a manual hand drill, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you have no choice but to perform ground-breaking or noisy work, try to get this done during a month when we have an auspicious star flying in which would be March, June, July, August, October or December and please ensure you have your cures and enhancers in place!

If you do not want to place these cures in the southwest in or cannot afford them, please do not panic as there is still a lot you can do to weaken the 5 star this year. Good shapes are items made from metal that are round; even a stainless-steel dog bowl is a good cure.

Houses with gardens to this corner of the property should avoid disturbing the ground with major digging or building work in the southwest in It is a very volatile star. It has no gender and no trigram and is highly dangerous when disturbed. When disturbed, its malevolent influence brings disaster, sickness, lawsuits and major loss of wealth. Do be careful with it. Stillness together with metal cures can keep its negative influences at bay. A pendulum chiming clock in the southwest is a very good cure this year, and while this contradicts what I said about keeping the area quiet, the chiming sound of the clock is as important as the moving metal of the pendulum.

In the old days, they would have had someone striking a gong quietly every 15 to 60 minutes. Another powerful cure for the southwest in is to place a brass Wu Lou or gold coloured gourd to protect wealth and avoid legal problems, arguments, disputes and loss of wealth. If you do not like to use traditional Cures and Enhancers, add some good quality heavy metal into this area, but please make sure it is in good condition and not covered in rust holes.

I do not give this advice, so you have to buy from us, most of these cures and enhancers I recommend you can put together yourself. Urgent repairs to your home or office in the southwest during will need a cure to prevent any negative consequences. The best way to weaken the negative influence when doing emergency work in the southwest is to place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between the building and where the work is being carried out or ideally, contact a professional Feng Shui Consultant to select an auspicious date to start the work.

Do not worry if you have these colours already just introduce colours white, silver, gold or copper in the way of a floor mat, cushions, throws, tablecloth or such like. You can also use dark blue or black if you prefer. If your bathroom, cloakroom, en-suite, guest room or a large cupboard is located here, this is good for you this year, because these areas are not used much, and therefore the negative power is not activated, I would still place the cures though regardless of what room is located in the southwest. You should not activate the southwest with loud noises or lots of activity this year; try to keep this area quiet as much as possible and avoid building work unless it is necessary and even then, try to carry the work out during a month when an auspicious star flies in.

Try to avoid fire colours such as orange, red or purple. Introduce metal colours such as white, silver, gold or copper. The Celestial Star is one that those who have worked hard for power and authority will enjoy. If you are looking for a promotion or professional recognition the east side of the home or workplace is best. Take heed though there can be negative effects if your bedroom is in this sector. There can be more of a chance of sadness and loneliness. This star has a larger impact on people with Kua number 2 and those born under the Monkey. The Heavenly star 6 Metal Element that represent travel luck, migration, windfall luck, benefactor support has landed in the East sector Wood of the house.

Beside that, it is also favorable for people who are in the enforcement position.

Abraham, Sylvia - How to Read the Tarot

The 6 white star is a compassionate money star and has flown into the east for which can be very good for finances and career this year and anyone with a career in politics, leader roles, jewellery or raw minerals. Although an auspicious star that brings success and accomplishment, the annual 6 star can cause problems with the liver and legs if located in a bedroom in ; the cure for this would be to introduce some water colours such as bedsheets or curtains for the year. The 6 annual star flies into the east where we have the inherent 3 wood star which will be draining the energy from the 6; we need to introduce some powerful earth cures into the east to balance this energy and allow the annual star to be activated.

Overall, the east is a lovely area for , and if you have a main door or office here, you can fully benefit from this influence when activated with the right enhancers. Good colours to use in the east are earth colours such as yellow, beige or brown. If you like to work with crystals, you could place some real quartz or a faceted crystal sphere in the east this year as these are very good for activating the wealth and business side of this nice star. The Burglary Star also called the Robbery Star or Star 7 is a metal element and moves into the wooden element of the southeast sector.

It brings with it the potential for the loss of belongings and wealth. This could be having your home burgled, you being mugged, poor spending decisions and other such examples. To prevent this you can use water element items as cures such as the Blue Feng Shui Rhinoceros, the Black crystal ball or the Blue. Also, avoid major noise, digging and renovations in this area in It brings unexpected loss of wealth, like burglary, unnecessary spending and etc.

In , SouthEast has another star — Sui Po that has resided, so it is best to avoid major renovation and keep the area as quiet as possible. The 7 is a fighting star and will cause problems if left alone without cures and enhancers and will bring a high risk of burglary, deception, copyright theft, gossip and backstabbing in With the 7 flying into the southeast, we have the visiting metal destroying the inherent wood element of the southeast, making it vital to weaken the bad 7 star for Please take extra care during May, July, September and October as this will bring an increased chance of robbery and arguments.

If the southeast of your home or office falls into an area with a main door or window, I would highly recommend that you double check and upgrade your security regularly in as this area can bring an increased risk of theft and danger. You should check your smoke alarms regularly during the year of the Pig and make sure there are no fire hazards in the southeast.

The Pagoda symbolises strength, wealth luck, career luck, good studies, wholeness and decency. The southeast can cause a lot of problems in as we have the annual 7 argument star enter and destroy the inherent good energy from the 4 star which can cause relationship problems. We also have Sui Po located in the southeast for which when paired with an inauspicious star, can make this an extremely hostile area. You should check over security, but please remember to do this throughout as this influence can increase the risk of robbery and deception.

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Where the 7 star is concerned, prevention is always the best cure, and it always pays to take a little time to make sure that your home or offices security is in order. Do not display any valuable items on windowsills as there is a risk of a passer-by seeing a quick opportunity. It pays to be wise and avoid taking too many risks if you have an important room in the southeast this year as there may be unscrupulous people working against you. There are indications of misunderstandings, pressure and business rivalries that could also lead to losses.

The best advice for the southeast is to check or install smoke alarms, check electrics and check the security of windows and doors in the east. Keep the southeast of your home or office as quiet as possible and remember to regularly check that your doors and windows are kept closed and secured. Good colours to use in the southeast in are blue or black.

I would try to avoid earth and fire colours and quartz crystals. If you have an office or door in the southeast, please be careful of people trying to deceive you, robbery, arguments and loss of wealth, always look at the very small print and be careful as this star normally causes problems with people you know and thought you could trust. This star also called the Wealth Star, is the most positive as it brings wealth, fame, earning rewards from hard work and happiness.

It is good if your front door is positioned there, career progress is likely and investments will do well. This with Kua number 4, born under Snake and Dragon will see special positive results from the influence of this star. The auspicious star — Prosperity star 8 Earth Element has flew to the center sector Also Earth Element and it has doubled the positive impact in this area. You can expect promotion, career advancement, salary increment, business breakthrough and many lucky thing will happen.

Bedroom at the Center — It help to accumulate wealth and you will be rewarded to what you have worked for. Beside that, it also bring abundance and prosperity to the family. The 8 Ken white star is the most auspicious governing Flying Star for the next six years while we are in period 8 and in , we have the annual 8 star trapped in the centre and will need some very powerful enhancers to free the wealth star and enhance its positive energy for the year of the Yin Earth Pig. The central palace tends to resonate throughout the other eight palaces, so it is important that this area is treated with the appropriate cures and recommendations below.

If you have activated the centre of your home or office for and have a main door, office, bedroom or any other important room that is used frequently in the centre this year, this is great news for you and you should make the most of this lovely influence. If you have an office, study or main door in the centre, wealth, fame, prestige, romance and distinction can be expected when activated during the year of the Pig with the relevant cures and enhancers. Because we have the 8 trapped in the centre in , it is important to activate the star, or its auspicious nature will not become activated.

The inherent energy of the centre is bad earth, and the annual star is good earth, so we have to be very careful when activating and enhancing the 8 annual earth star or we could cause more harm than good which is why we have carefully chosen our cures for This very special cure and enhancer talisman is needed in not only to protect wealth but also to enhance it and the reason why we have included this in all our annual Feng Shui kits this year.

If you work with symbols, quartz crystals, crystal balls or hanging faceted crystals are very good for this central palace this year. The 8 star also governs relationships, so a nice romance enhancer is to display a pair of rose quartz double hearts or a pair of Mandarin Ducks this year. While wealth is forecast in for the centre; it is important that you are careful not to overwork too much during the year as this can bring health problems.

The additional work will bring a good income but be careful of your health; in particular, stress-related resulting in high blood pressure or kidney problems. Do not place heavy metal in the centre this year, as it will weaken the good earth and stop the 8 star from being activated. This is a very strong wealth, success and romance area for when activated so try and store your important financial papers here like pensions, stock portfolio etc.

If you use symbolic cures, this is where you should place your three-legged Toad facing your Sheng Chi direction for wealth or a pair of rose quartz crystal hearts for romance. Flying Star 9 is the Future Prosperity Star and it will be entering the northwest in This is going to especially be good for those born under the pig, older patriarch males and those born under the dog.

This is the second most positive star after number 8. With this star there is improved luck in future wealth, the promise of income being raised and investments in mid to long-term options will do well. It also comes with luck in being recognized and fame. You will be more likely to get acknowledgment for hard work and talent. Keep this sector lit particularly if this is where your dining room is placed in the home. The future prosperity star 9 Fire Element that bring news of happiness like wedding, new birth, career promotion, new business venture and any events that is happy has flew to NorthWest sector Metal Element of the house in Due to the destructive cycle of the Fire and Metal element, the energy of the star has weakened, so it is good to place item symbolising red in this sector to boost it.

Bedroom at the NorthWest — It is favorable for those who are getting wedding and for married couple, your chance of a new birth is high. The annual 9 purple You Bi star has flown into the northwest in which will be drained by the inherent northwest metal energy which means we will need to enhance the annual star to balance out the energies. We also have Tai Sui located in the northwest for the year of the Pig, so this area is very important to get a good balance. This is a perfect cure and enhancer this year and why we have it included these in all our annual Feng Shui kits for If your home or office has a front door in the northwest in , it is very important that you do not slam the door as loud noises can activate the dangerous effects of Tai Sui.

I would also avoid any internal doors or windows being slammed in the northwest during and avoid digging or renovating your property in this area at all costs; if you have no option but to undergo heavy work this year, please make sure that you follow the advice below and also have the relevant cures in place. By paying respect to Tai Sui, you can avoid the problems that are prevalent with this annual affliction. These are two key cures for the northwest although please do not worry if you cannot afford these; there are a lot of other options you can implement to weaken the troubles that Tai Sui can bring.

Nearly every year, you will come across a sector in your home with a fortunate annual star which suffers from one of the annual afflictions although if you are careful and do not make too much noise in the northwest this year, you can still benefit from the lovely influence that the annual 9 can bring. Once you have your Tai Tai Sui plaque in place, you can attract new wealth and protect existing wealth by placing a Three Immortals statue which can bring all of the positive energy from the visiting star.

The element of the annual 9 star can strengthen the malevolent effects of visiting monthly stars 2 and 5 so please be careful during March, September and November. Outside water can be placed in the southwest or east as this is your primary and secondary wealth areas for the next five years. It can be quite hard to place outside water in the centre this year unless you have a u-shaped house.

If you have to use indoor water in , the best area is in the centre as this will help to activate the auspicious 8 star for the year of the Pig. Water can also be placed in the West for future wealth. Regardless though, it is better to seek professional advice before placing any water feature inside or out as in Feng Shui it is the catalyst to good and bad so please take care and consult or use our software.

If you decide to use water inside your home or around the outside during , it is vital that you make sure that you keep the water clean at all times and that it is flowing water as this is very different from using stagnant water. Do not let the water stagnate as this can cause Qi to become trapped and bring Yin energy which can stop positive Qi entering the home or office.

The Qi around the home or office is caught by the water and is then cleansed and distributed around the building provided the water is clean and flowing. Every year, we receive thousands of emails from people with all different levels of knowledge in Feng Shui with wonderful testimonials about the salt water cure saying how the cure has helped change the energy for the better in their home and office and it always makes my day to receive positive feedback; luckily, it is extremely rare for us to receive any negative feedback which makes us very happy!

The Salt Water Cure is an extremely powerful and little-known cure and one that we have used in our home, warehouse and office for over twenty years. We replace the Salt Water Cures once a year at the least and sometimes they need to be replaced within a few months as they remove so much negative energy from the surrounding area.

Try to think of the annual stars such as the 5 as perfume; if you sprayed some perfume in your bedroom, you would probably be able to smell it downstairs as the smell drifts around the building. If possible, it is always preferable to avoid rooms with negative stars. Flying Star Feng Shui Charts provide vital information to take note of as it involves the way luck changes from year to year.

The annual stars change its positions on a yearly basis while monthly stars shift their sectors every month. The optimal way to update your feng shui is to pay attention to their position changes in order to make the most out of the auspicious stars and suppress the bad energies brought by the malignant stars. The numbers on the left in the 9 grids of the charts below indicate the annual star while the numbers on the right indicate the monthly star. Use a good compass to accurately determine the direction of your home.

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Then refer to the chart below to look out for good or bad sectors of the month and take the necessary steps to suppress the inauspicious stars or enhance the auspicious ones. When the combination of the annual star and monthly star in a compass sector is made up of the good stars 8, 6 and 1 , the particular sector is said to very auspicious and will bring lots of good luck to its occupant. But when the bad stars congregate in the same sector, it's important that you vacate the room for the month. If this cannot be done, you must install Feng Shui cures to suppress them or they will bring misfortunes of the most severe kind.

However, you do not have to worry if the bad stars fly into a storeroom, toilet, garage or a missing corner because its negative effect is said to be contained and dissolved. The effect, whether good or bad, is lesser when the number appears alone. Whilst the methods above are considered safe, there are many exceptions to the placement of water and as Master Practitioners and teachers.

We use many more methods of water placement for wealth, education and relationship, these methods whilst extremely powerful can only be used with expert guidance and a full analysis of your property and land formations. Use accent colors blues or greens. Vase of fresh flowers with clean water. Lucky bamboo in water ok. Fountain or aquarium moving water , ok here for No candles or bright lights. Avoid plants as they will drain water energy. Outdoor 6 rod metal wind chime is advised.

A metal Wu Lu gourd should be placed here for the year. Can use metal singing bowl, music box, metal dog bowl, bunch of keys or weights in this sector. NO red colors, NO fire or candles, no bright lights. No triangle shapes. No earth or ceramics. No renovation, drilling or digging. Keep quiet. Focus on red and fire energy to suppress bad wood star.

No TV, fax, fan, music - no noisy children or animals, keep sector calm and quiet. Bad for couples bedroom. No good for couples wanting to conceive. No good for restful sleep and inner calm or relationships - beware of backstabbing from people you know. Check smoke alarms are in working order.

NO water colors or water features. NO plants or wood. No metal - No windchimes. No renovations, digging or drilling. Use blue or black color or accents. Small lush plants ok. Do not add water here if love relationship is not stable and strong, as it may trigger betrayal, heartbreak, sex scandal. Add Images of romance and travel. Can place poster of wishes and goals. Add love objects in pairs such as mandarin ducks. Good sector for bedroom. Double happiness symbol is good here or image of dragon and phoenix.

Images of couples. Can add crystal globe, world map poster if office or study. Metal horse statue ok for travel. NO heavy metal objects or windchimes. Focus on metal color and a few metal items to suppress bad earth star. Moving metal objects: music box - 6 rod outdoor windchime. Can place metal singing bowl, metal dog bowl, bunch of keys or weights in this sector.

Note: Do not add too many metal items as sector is already metal by nature. Bad sector for children, bedroom or office. No renovations, no digging, no drilling. CLOSE doors and windows. No plants. Earth colors are good. Quartz crystal rocks , stones or spheres are ok to strengthen earth and enhance metal. Bad sector for the elderly. Good for office. Gold Buddha is good here for To move or sell, place a small earth or metal horse statue.

Do not add extra metal items. If sector is a bedroom, beware chest or hand problems. Place black or blue Fu Dogs either side of front door if located here on outside for protection against intruders. Use colors blue or black for decor. Vase of flowers with fresh water ok. NO fire elements or red colors - No bright lights. NO Metal - NO wind-chimes. NO earth. NO crystals. Bad sector for front door or office.